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Lambton Learning Ladder

What is the Lambton Learning Ladder?

The Lambton Learning Ladder (L3) program that currently runs in Years 7 and 8 at Lambton High School. L3 is a future focused skill development course that uses Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) methodology to build skills while covering outcomes from across the curriculum.

The program culminates at the end of each year with students presenting a team Inquiry Based Learning project and product they have created, which is based on a real world driving question they have designed. Year 7 present to their class and mentor teachers, while Year 8 present as individuals and provide evidence via an interview panel made up of a teacher, community members and student representatives.

Research (i.e. Hattie, Zhao, Neumann, Friesen, Scott) shows students who participate in modeled, guided and independent self-directed skill development increase their engagement and develop a deeper understanding of learning. The creation of a self-directed, hands-on, minds-on, research based learning, using an authentic, real world issue is the corner stone of IBL.

IBL projects promote the life-long skills and understandings needed for 21st century learning such as communication, critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration, creativity and innovation, organising and planning, information and media literate skills, initiative, global/community awareness and civic engagement. IBL tasks end with a product which answers the IBL issue. Students present their product to an authentic audience.