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Our school can help with enrolment queries throughout the year.

Local enrolment area

Most schools have designated local enrolment areas. School Finder shows our local enrolment area. Note: local enrolment areas are subject to change.

How to enrol 

During the enrolment process, let the principal know of any special circumstances, allergies, health or medical conditions affecting your child.

For more information, visit high school enrolment or contact us to discuss your child’s enrolment.

Download an application to enrol (PDF 579KB).

Application forms must be completed in English. However, a translated application to enrol may help you to fill out the form in English.

The school has set an enrolment limit in consultation with the P&C Association based on our staffing and permanent accommodation. Places in the buffer (2 positions per class) are not to be offered to non-local students. The school enrolment capacity is set at 1144 students based on the following guideline:

  • Year 7 – 196 (7 classes)
  • Year 8 – 196 (7 classes)
  • Year 9 – 196 (7 classes)
  • Year 10 – 196 (7 classes)
  • Year 11 – 180 (minimum 8 classes on a timetable line)
  • Year 12 – 180 (minimum 8 classes on a timetable line)

Temporary visas and international students

For information about eligibility and forms to complete, visit the temporary residents program.

Non-local enrolments

As outlined in the department’s enrolment policy, our school may accept enrolments from outside our local enrolment area if places are available.

The applications of prospective students who do not reside in the intake area are considered on their merits.  Students are enrolled if it is considered to be in the best interests of the student and the school taking account of various factors.

The following factors are particularly kept in mind:

  • Commitment to studies (student profile, report comments)
  • Availability of subjects or combinations of subjects
  • Special interests and abilities (eg. leadership, cultural, environmental, sport programs)
  • The need to maintain a reasonable gender balance
  • Consideration will be made regarding siblings and attendance at a partner primary school


  • Students will be called to interview if a vacancy arises
  • Students are required to submit supporting documentation
  • Students who are successful will be issued with an Authority to Enrol
  • Students whose applications are not successful are notified and placed on a waiting list