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Year 7 e3 enrichment class

Lambton High School provides opportunities for every student to attain their personal best and has programs to facilitate this objective.  As well as the comprehensive mainstream classes, Lambton High School operates an Academic Enrichment stream in each of the Years 7-10.

The e3 class: engage, enrich and extend, is designed to cater for students who perform at a high academic level and are highly motivated and keen to extend themselves in their learning. It is a school-based initiative that in many schools might be labelled as a “Gifted and Talented” class.

Parents are invited to apply for a place for their student in the e3 class. Along with the application form, parents are invited to submit a portfolio of evidence supporting the application.  This might include past school reports, NAPLAN results, results in academic competitions such as ICAS, offers of selective class placement and/or information indicating student interests and achievements.

Your student will also be required to complete a placement test set by the University of NSW: The International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) test.

The cost of the test is $22. This amount must be paid at the time of application at the Lambton High School Office so we can order a test for your student.

If you intend on applying for placement, please notify your student’s Primary School of the details provided.

Students in this class will be required to demonstrate a high level of commitment to their studies and continually strive to achieve their personal best. Each semester student placement will be reviewed on the following considerations:

  • Academic performance
  • Commitment to learning
  • Exemplary student behaviour

Year 7 2020 e3 Application Form