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Year 7 CAPA enrichment class

The CAPA enrichment class encompasses the NESA Drama, Music and Visual Arts syllabus content.  The course of study offers Year 7 students a combined creative arts experience.  After completing one year in the program students can then apply for an extension of this program for possible entry into the Acceleration program that runs at Lambton High School.

CAPA students will have the opportunity to explore their chosen art form in a wide variety of class room experiences and extra-curricular activities that run within the school community.  Public performance, mentoring and tuition from specialist teachers is available to all.

The point of difference around this program is that the students who are accepted into the program are identified as being talented and/or gifted in the Creative Arts and their classwork, programming and assessment in all subject areas will encompass their background, skills and talents.  Specific teachers in all the KLA will be specifically handpicked to teach this class and be able to cater to their preferred learning styles across all the mandatory subjects.

View the CAPA enrichment model (PDF 239KB) for more information.

Selection criteria

In addition to our general enrolment criteria:

  • Proven talent and involvement/experience and expertise in the Creative and/or Performing Arts.
  • A strong academic record and a record of sound behaviour and attendance.

The class supports the current CAPA Acceleration program in Years 8 to 11.

It is intended, as part of the learning philosophy around this program, that students will participate in the extra-curricular activities offered by the school.

  • School Stage Band
  • Vocal Ensemble
  • Enrichment Art workshops
  • Excursions
  • Drama Workshops
  • Dance programs
  • Festivals; Star Struck Drama/Choir/Dance, Drama Festival, Music Festival, Music:Count Us In & Choral Works

We are confident that the program of study and community life that students experience at Lambton High School will only support the development of your sons/daughter’s knowledge, skills, values and attitudes and open the door for them to be achieving at their best.

Applications will not be accepted or processed unless all the required documentation is provided.

Year 7 2020 CAPA Application Form